Team Paleo Challenge Scoring Update and Final Weigh-In Information

The current standings after two weeks of the team paleo challenge are as follows:
Puck Faleo Neanderthals (-4 points)
Rex Kwon Do’s (52 points)
Paleo Pistols (49 points)
Paleo Prodigies (38 points)
3 Chicks and a British Dude (44 points)
Paleo…I Object (43 points)

There are still lots of points available for your team after the final weigh-in so everybody is still in the race (yes, even team Neanderthals!!!)

Next week there will be an opportunity for points on Monday and Tuesday based on re-doing the WODs those days. Points will be determined based on the most improved times.

Final weigh in’s will be on Tuesday, November 20th. If you are using the Bod-Pod for your final weigh in, we have reserved a block of time on Tuesday from 9:00am – 11:00am. If this does not work for you, you can contact Pat at CCC at 460-5445 and schedule a time with her.

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