Paleo Challenge Teams

The partner paleo challenge started this week with 18 total teams competing!!! Good luck to all the participants. Here is a run down of the team names along with team members:
Hungry Hippos – Alicia and Jessica
Shut up and squat – Shawna and Terry
Prospectors – Kevin and Jeanne
Team Semi Pro – Ryan and Krista
Burpee Bashers – Nick and Michelle
Sgt. Slaughter and Lt. WOD – Heather and Sherri
Nuts and Knockers – Monty and Ashlee
Daisy Dukes – Jena and Chelsey
The Great White North – Sasha and Desirae
Teletubies – Scott and Kris
Sweet Revenge – Rebecca and Mandy
Healthy Hunters – Carol and Kylee
Jen & Kate plus ate – Kate and Jennifer
Runs with Beer – Paige and Chris
The Who – Maranda and Garrett
JayCats – Chris and Nicki
F-squared – Shane and Justin
Lovehandle Losers – Andy and Jacque

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