Partner Paleo Update

With one week in the books it looks like it could be a close battle to the end.
Team Semi Pro has taken the early lead with a total of 44 points. If Krista can keep Ryan in line they may be hard to overtake. Sgt. Slaughter and Lt. WOD might have something to say about the partner title, they are currently in 2nd place with 42 total points. Shut up and Squat, Burpee Bashers, Nuts and Knockers and Teletubies are currently in 3rd – 6th place with one point separating each with scores of 41, 40, 39 and 38 points respectfully. Sweet Revenge and The Who are just behind the pack with scores of 35 and 34, however Maranda plans on keeping Garrett away from the Pizza Hut buffet this week and making a big jump next week!! Team JayCats are sitting in 9th place with a total of 27 points. This team may take a slide this week with half their team celebrating a nice Jayhawk victory last night!!!! The Great White North is sitting in 10th place right now with 26 total points and hoping to move up (North, Haha) the next couple of weeks before the Super Bowl party. Sacha has already committed to having some cheats!!!! In 11th – 13th place is Daisy Dukes, Love handle Losers and the Hungry Hippos with 21, 16 and 12 points. There are 4 teams that have not submitted their food logs so I do not have their results to post at this time. One team that does not look to contend for the title is F2, they are in talks about possibly changing their name to F-this.
Keep up the good work, we will be 1/3 of the way done after today.

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