4 Week Paleo Challenge Information

Challenge will run from Friday May 10 – Friday June 7

You will be required to do the Bod Pod out at the college to get your before and after numbers. To set up an appointment you will need to contact Pat Erickson at 460-5445. You have from now until the 10th to get this done and handed in. Cost for the Bod Pod is $10.00 for two readings. Your final Bod Pod will need to be done on June 6 or 7th and handed in by the 7th.

Cost for the challenge will be $20.00 on top of the $10.00 fee for the Bod Pod.

We will be taking before and after photos for this challenge. Please get with Monty, Heather, Garrett or Sherri for before photos sometime before May 10.

This Challenge will not be based off a point system like in the past. The winner will be determined by a combination of the following:
-Bod Pod Results
-Before and after photos
-Food Logs being filled out
-Attitude, motivation, encouragement (i.e. the person walking around saying this
diet sucks and complaining about it probably won’t have a shot at winning)
The Winner will be determined by Monty, Heather and Sherri, they will be participating in the challenge as well but will be ineligible to win.

Winner of the Challenge will win a 3 month unlimited membership that is good for July, August and September 2013 along with a few other small prizes.

Food Logs will be kept and handed in each Friday. There will not be a penalty for food logs being turned in late, but if you are consistently late it could count against you in the end.

We will have a meeting on Wednesday May 8 at 6:15 to go over what the paleo diet consists of and to go over the rules. If you have done a paleo challenge in the past it is not necessary that you attend this meeting. If you are new to the diet we would like for you to be at this meeting.

There is a sign-up sheet on the counter at the gym to get signed up, paid and your Bod Pod results turned in.

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