Nick – Before and After

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

From a gym owner’s perspective one of the most satisfying aspects is getting to witness our member’s achievements. It is rare that we ever go a week without seeing somebody reaching some new max lift, getting their first pull-up (which for some reason somebody always happens to record and pandemonium erupts in the background), finally getting double-unders, getting a muscle up, etc. However, very few accomplishments are as worthwhile as a recent milestone that is worth great recognition.

Meet Nick…

Nick has been coming to the gym for a little over one year now. After he had been coming for about a month we noticed his hard work and ambition. We knew that we needed to get some “before” pictures.

Nick 1 2012

Nick 2 2012

“I remember when Nick pulled up one evening asking if we thought he could do CrossFit. I didn’t have any doubts that he would be able to just as long as he was willing to put in the work. And, he put in the work.” -Monty Stapp

In the last year Nick has lost over 200 pounds by eating right, showing up consistently and working hard. Nick is proof that anything is possible if you want something bad enough and are willing to work for it.

“I remember a few months in to CrossFit Nick coming to a Saturday partner endurance WOD. Him and I were partners doing 400 m lunges (and other crap). They sucked! I’m sure I was whining, but Nick never complained. I thought to myself, why am I the one whining? This guy, carrying extra weight, has lots more work to do than me. Since that day Nick has inspired me to work harder and give more of myself. He is a constant reminder nothing worth having comes easy. He has earned every pound of fat lost, every pound of muscle gained and deserves to be considered one of the best athletes to have ever come through the door.” – Heather Stapp

After he had been coming for a few months, one of Nick’s employers mentioned how she had noticed a difference in Nick in a positive way.

“Since joining CrossFit he is happier and more energetic at work! He definitely has a higher level of confidence in himself which has helped him immensely as a salesman. It has been fun watching him transform into a new healthier happier person! We are so proud of his accomplishments.” – Kami Booi

We hear from people all the time that they want to try CrossFit. But, they can’t because of an old high school sports injury, too hard on their shoulders, bad knee, too out of shape or whatever excuse they can think of. People come for a week or two and then quit because it is just too much work for them. They aren’t willing to do the work. That is not Nick! Since day one Nick has not had one excuse no matter what the workout was. If for some reason he couldn’t do the prescribed movement in the WOD we would modify it to where he was still able to do the workout. One year and 200 pounds later we modify very few workouts for him!

Nick Quenzer

Nick after

In this day and age when everybody is looking for the magic pill that they can take in place of hard work it is nice to see that there are still people willing to put in the time and the hard work. In fact we have a gym full of people like Nick. 2013 was a great year. Let’s keep it going in 2014!

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