Nick’s Paleo Journey

Congratulations to Nick Quenzer, who has finally WON a Paleo Challenge. Nick, along with several other individuals, decided to take on an additional 30 days of Paleo after the latest Team Challenge. Because it was such a close call as to who the winner of the ‘Next 30’ would be, we asked them to write us their story. Here is Nick’s story:

My first day at CrossFit Colby was Monday November 5th, 2013. My weight at that time was 470 lbs. The reason for choosing that day was because of the fall daylight savings time change. Since I was going to be going in at 5am I needed all the help I could get. On that day I also started to watch what I ate but was not following any kind of diet with a name. After a couple of weeks there Monty asked me if I was doing any kind of diet and I told him that I was just watching what I ate. He told me that the Paleo Diet would work good for me and all I needed to do was look it up on the internet and I would find several sights that talk about it.

After looking at a few of the sights I decided that I was going to give it a try. Around the first of December 2012, I started the Paleo Diet (except I didn’t give up Diet Pepsi). I didn’t notice a lot of changes at first. However as time went by more and more people were telling me that I looked like I had been loosing weight. I was not weighing myself a lot at that time (who wants to be reminded that they are that big?)

Then the first Paleo Challenge started and I had to weigh. Everyone but me could use the scale that the gym had. Me, however, I had to go in and get a bod pod (if you have never gotten one it is worth the time and money). On that bod pod I weighed just over 400 lbs. In the few mounts that I had been working out at CrossFit and eating Paleo I had lost about 70 lbs. I knew that it was not going to be that hard as I had already been doing it all I had to give up was Diet Pepsi. At the end of the first Paleo challenge I had lost 32 lbs. I was pretty happy with the results and knew that from there on I was going to make it a life style change.

I continued to eat with the Paleo life style and I must say that without my wife’s help cooking all the meals that she does I would not of been able to stay on it. At the end of the 3rd of my challenges and about a year of doing CrossFit, I was just a few pounds short of loosing 200 lbs. I felt much better than I did a year ago and can do so much more. There is no better feeling that when someone that has not seen me in a while mentions how much better I look.

Now we are at this last Paleo Challenge. As with the others I lost weight and it was easy for me as I had been doing it for over a year with great results. All I had to do was drop the Diet Pepsi. At the end of this last challenge we were told that if we filled out a food log for another 30 days there would be a prize. I figured that I could do it as I was going to continue with the Paleo life style so it would not take much to fill out a log on line (even though that is my least favorite part of a challenge).

I now eat foods that I would of never tried in the past like broccoli, cabbage, and onions (cooked of course.) It takes a little planning. You can’t just hit the drive through or order out pizza. But it is a much better way of eating.

So that is my Paleo Challenge story and here are some of the benefits I have seen since I started. The weight loss is of course the biggest benefit. Also another thing that I have not mentioned through this whole thing is that I no longer have heart burn. I use to get heartburn all the time. I would have it all day long and was taking all kinds of things in hopes that I wouldn’t get it. I would wake up in the middle of the night and throw up because my heartburn was so bad. Not sure when it went away but I haven’t had a problem with it in a long time. The movements at CrossFit are much easier now that I am no longer moving that much weight around. I can do more things with my son. We just had his 5th birthday party at a swimming pool and of all the adults that came I was the only one that got in the pool. Those kids wore me out but I would of never done that at 470 lbs. At the end of the workday I wanted to just go home and sit down in my chair and not move. And, I did that a lot of nights (still do some nights). However now I am a lot more help around the house and enjoy playing with my son. We are looking forward to warmer weather so we can spend more time at the park.

CrossFit Colby and the Paleo lifestyle have done nothing but help me in many aspects of my life. I only wish I would of started sooner.

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