Summer Kids’ Sessions

Summer break is around the corner.

Sign up for summer Lil’ Fitters & YouthFit begins Monday for those already participating. Wednesday we will open sign up for all other kiddos. First session is June 2-27.

Lil’ Fitters- ages 6-8 (or going into 1st-3rd grades) will be Tuesdays & Thursdays @10am for $40.

YouthFit- ages 9-11 (or going into 4rd-6th grades) will be 10am Monday, Wednesday & Friday for $60.

*June 27th will close out the first session with special activities for both age groups.

NEW: MiniFitters (ages 3-5) Wednesdays @10:30am for $20. MiniFitters is for members’ children only.

Space is limited for all age groups. Payment must be made in advance. There will be no discounts for number of children or days unattended. Parents must complete registration & waiver before their child(ren) are officially signed up. If you have ANY questions, please contact Heather (620-290-6824.)

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