Brady’s Paleo Story


First I would like to say: Please excuse my terrible English along with the many grammatical errors that are to come…let’s just say I didn’t major in English! So here the journey begins back in January when I showed up late to the “Paleo Challenge” meeting and had glares from unnamed persons that I’m sure thought I couldn’t be serious. Well to tell you the truth I was definitely intimidated by the challenge because my whole life I could eat what I wanted with no consequences. I played college sports and ate candy as meals throughout the past 5 years of my life with many successes. Therefore when Heather challenged me to try the PC I clearly snarled back and said “that S*** don’t work!” Its funny now looking back bullet proof Brady was WRONG!!

Now onto the meaty stuff and I promise to stay as short as possibly because lord knows I talk wayyyyy too much! I’ve heard of many PC’s in the past at Crossfit gyms and have seen the results. The problem was that most of the results I saw were from people with much more to lose than myself. Therefore I thought that it would be impossible for me to get those kinds of results in only 30 days! So the challenge begins and half heartedly I knew this was a good one to gain friendships with my team being the new kid on the block. As a 25 year old single guy I knew it was going to be a challenge to find people my age to “hang out” with.

Enough with that lame stuff and now the journey of the PC itself. Over two years ago I was diagnosed with chronic acid reflux and was prescribed medicine for the rest of my life L. Man on man was bullet proof Brady down for the count! How could a seemingly healthy 23 year young man fresh out of a D1 sports program be sick?! There’s no way that something like this could happen to me! Unfortunately it did so I end up having to clean my “diet” up and wezel out the crap. I did that for about 6-12 months like the doctor ordered but come to find out as soon as I went back to a few of my old ways, my reflux came back. I could hardly keep down water or food whenever it would flare up. So I thought that I was pretty much done for the rest of my life and things were never EVER going to get better. Day after day the medicine went down and flares still came up.

Well on January 23, 2014 (I think that’s the date!) I could have never imagined it would change my life. I knew going into the challenge that I had a little bit to lose but not much. Did I even think that the PC could have done anything to help my CAR (Chronic Acid Reflux)? No, not one thought honestly crossed my mind about that. I was more worried about CF and how the PC could increase my performance for the OPEN. Now March 27, 2014 I can say that I have not had to take my “life long” medicine to cure my CAR since the day I started the challenge!!! MY CAR HAS BEEN CURED without me even trying to cure it!

After the first 30 days I was in the top 5 finisher and was pleased with my results! After the 60 days I can honestly say that it’s not about me anymore. Yeah I have had some incredible things happen in my life do to the PC, I don’t take medicine anymore, I perform better, I sleep better, I eat better, I work harder, but the last most important outcome of the PC is the influence I have had on my peers. In a work environment that involved wining, dining, fried foods, and lots of booze I didn’t think I was going to last. I have been teased and tortured (fun and games) by many people! Well all of that came back around when about a month into the challenge I started receiving questions from peers. Long story short I was able to influence a handful of customers to put down the crap diet and try out a PALEO diet. I now receive calls weekly with customers asking me what they should eat and where to go to find good paleo recipes! Yes I still receive crap from customers but I know they can see how committed I have been to this which reflects my dedication to the business and their business.

Needless to say it’s not about ME it’s… about the people that have dedicated their lives to the change. Anyone who would attempt to change to this lifestyle is the real winner in my book. Erma and Nick are incredible people and I know have wonderful stories from the life changes that have occurred due to the PC.  They have proven themselves and deserve to hold the trophy that shows who are the real WINNERS! I am just a team player who was blessed to help push those special individuals to the TOP! As I continue on the paleo diet, I plan on continuing the journey to change lives! Tomorrow is never promised but as long I am changing lives and guiding those who decide to take that challenge that is enough winning for me!

Brady (aka- E Harmony) will be assisting with the middle school CrossFit Classes this summer.

Brady Faggard is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University. Faggard was a four-year letterman for the Panthers in both football and golf from 2007 to 2011. As a member of the football team, Faggard holds multiple school records from his play on the football field. His accolades consist of a conference championship, top individual finishes in golf and all conference selection.  Faggard also coached defensive for PVAMU for two years before pursing his current career.  A native of Humble, Texas, Faggard holds a bachelor’s in agriculture economics and a MBA. 

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