The Know

Last night while I was personal training a couple of our outstanding CrossFit women, I looked around the gym as others were participating in the daily WOD, Private Group class, and Open strength. I noticed something that is unbelievable, unimaginable, and unexplainable to those who have never been a part. We are the melting pot of health and fitness. While we have been compared to a cult, considered obsessed or even clicky, what I saw was hard-working community of individuals who appreciate and respect the ‘Know.’ The Know is when you enter through our squeaky, annoying automatic front doors, it no longer matters who you thought you were or who others think you are in the Colby or Thomas County community. In here, no ones cares about outside the doors. It no longer matters. The Know is that inside these doors we are all equals despite the weights we lift, times written on the board, or reps completed. We Know we are here to work hard for ourselves and support those around us with the same physical and mental goals of life. We are not a cult. We are not obsessed. We are not a click. We are passionate about our lives and our community. We are ALL CrossFit Colby. While you think you Know us from the outside, we invite you to get to Know us from the inside. Buddy Week continues through this Friday!


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