EMOM x 6 minutes

1 Deadlifts+2 DL high pulls + 1 squat clean


1st minute 8 cleans

2nd minute rest

3rd minute 7 cleans

4th minute rest

5th minute 6 cleans

6th minute rest

7th minute 5 cleans

8th minute rest

9th minute 4 cleans

10th minute rest

11th minute 3 cleans

12th minute rest

13th minute 2 cleans

14th minute rest

15th minute 1 clean

You choose your starting weight, you must increase by at least 10/5# after each completed round. If you fail to complete all the reps in a minute you must stay at that weight for the next minute, cannot go down in weight. You may do power or squat cleans. Score is the total amount of weight successfully cleaned. 

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