Why I Do The Open

Why I do the open
By Shawna Kersenbrock 

 The 1st open I was involved in was 3 years ago as a judge. I would come in watch some of the members go through all the emotions like excitement and determination that come with the open. And I walked out saying, “man I wish I could join in.” The problem was is I was afraid, afraid of failure (I couldn’t lift the weights they were lifting, or even do some of the movements).  

After that year I was determined I was going to do an open. The next open came and I signed up. It was AWESOME. I got my first chest 2 bar that open. And I did a wod at the time I swore I would never do again. Guess what, I did it again and survived that time to!

Last year was the 1st year the offered the scaled version and I thought OH YEAH!! It was a total blast!!

I challenge you …. Do the open!!!


• Community: Every week you get to see the people who you work out with everyday sweat beside you. They get a new PR, or their 1st Chest 2 Bar, or maybe even their 1st double unders.

• Throw downs: That’s right every Thursday night of the open we get to watch members do the wod right after its announced live.

• Progress: You’ve worked so hard all year long and it’s a chance to see the hard work you’ve put paid off.

• Yeah people watch you, yeah you have a judge, and yeah at the end of the open you never say, “Man I wish I didn’t do that”.  

 Register for the 2016 Open @ http://www.games.crossfit.com


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