May Member of the Month

Dale Dixon aka Double D

Tell us about your family.

I am married to Heather Dixon and we have four kids, Cadyn (18), Isabel (16), Kyndel (12), and Bryton (10).


I work at Citizens Medical Center in Plant Ops department. I have been at the Hospital for three years.

When did you start Crossfit?

I had been wanting to do something but wasn’t sure what to do. About two years ago I got asked to Crossfit buddy week by Cassandra Britt. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I wanted to try it. After my first workout I fell in love. I finished out the week and could barely walk. In June of 2016 I have been going ever since.

Why did you decide to continue doing Crossfit?

I decided to continue doing Crossfit because it is fun and the energy of other athletes/members  working out with you cheering you on.

What results have you seen?

Since I have been going to Crossfit I have lost some weight and had to buy some new clothes. I have been able to do workouts and movements that I thought I couldn’t do.

What is your favorite workout?

I don’t know, Nancy, Murph, Fight gone bad, I like them all.

What is you favorite Crossfit movement?

My favorite movements are snatch, pull ups, and now double unders.

How clean do you eat?

In January of 2017 there was a partner nutrition challenge and I have been trying to follow those guidelines since.

What’s your favorite food?

I would have to say that the sweet potato has became my favorite food.

What is your most memorable Crossfit experience?

My most memorable Crossfit experience would have to be when I finally figured out double unders.

What would you tell someone thinking of trying Crossfit?

For someone thinking of trying Crossfit I would tell them to just try it and don’t worry about not being able to do the workout. There will be other members working out with you and cheering you on.

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