August Member of the Month

Congrats Paul Bange!  Paul, aka Collateral, is our August Member of the Month!

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What brought you into the gym your first time?

In 2014 my oldest daughter Brittany (21 at the time) was home for a month from college and asked me to do CrossFit with her.  I told her no at first thinking I don’t need hang out with a bunch of people in a gym like that but then I realized my 21 year old daughter was actually asking to do something with me so I changed my mind and started working out.  I’m thankful she got me started because I never would have done it on my own.

What keeps you coming in?

It’s important to me to work out since I have an office job with little to no activity.  I am not discipline enough to work out on my own so the structure with a set class time and other people working out with you and pushing you is a fit for me. I also enjoy the camaraderie with the other members and coaches.

What is your favorite movements, as well as ones you dread?

I like the body weight exercises: pull ups, rope climb, pushups, toes to bar.  The least favorite movement would be the snatch, honestly any of the movements with weights I tend to shy away from (I need to improve on this).

What is your most memorable moment in the gym?

Watching my youngest daughter Brielle get her first muscle up.  All three of my daughters have been members in the past and I have enjoyed working out with them.

What would your advice be for someone just starting Crossfit?

Do not be intimidated by workouts or what you see other members doing in the gym.  Utilize your coach to help you scale your workout or recommend what you can or should be doing with your skill level.  Realize you’re going to hurt at first but work through this and keep working out as you will start to feel better and will see the benefits if you stay committed.

What are some of your fitness goals, both short and long term?

A muscle up!  (I guess I need to start working on that)  I typically show up just to get a good work out.  I really need to set some personal goals on various movements.  The density training this month has been good for me, I hope we continue to do  this.  Long term goals would be to stay active and always work out at some level.

What benefits have you seen outside the gym from the work you do in the gym?

What I have learned about exercising & eating (through the diet challenges) has improved my overall health and lifestyle.  It’s easy to regress and not workout as much or resort to bad eating habits but continuing to be a member and interact with people with similar goals will help me to stay on that path of a healthier lifestyle.


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