November Member of the Month

Congrats to our November Member of the Month~ Logan Wark!


What do you do outside of CrossFit?
I’m 28 years old! Born and raised in Colby, played softball and tennis throughout high school, and played two years of college softball before I tore my ACL. I graduated from veterinary school in 2016 and have worked as a small animal vet since then. When I’m not working as a vet, I help my family with their farming and ranching business, and am currently working on opening an Etsy shop to sell my pottery and wood projects!

When did you begin CrossFit, and why did you decide to give it a try?
In April of 2013, I joined the on-ramp course at CrossFit Stillwater while going to school. My mom had recently joined, and was talking about her workouts constantly. I decided to give it a try so we would be able to do something together over the summer.

What do you love about CrossFit?
I love how quickly I saw changes and how much strength I’ve gained in a short amount of time. When I started I could barely do a proper push-up. Now I can do heavy barbell lifts, pull-ups, and even starting to get those muscle-ups down!  Another aspect I love is the sense of community. Especially when I was away at school, my CrossFit Stillwater family got me through some pretty crappy days and made my time down there a lot more enjoyable.

What do you find most challenging about CrossFit?
Nutrition is by the far the most challenging aspect to me. When I first came to CrossFit Colby, there was a Paleo challenge a week after I started. It opened my eyes to how much food has been manipulated and how addictive that stuff can become – I had headaches for the first week of the challenge from the sugar withdrawals. Since I’ve started CrossFit I’ve lost 20 pounds of fat, but my weight has stayed about the same.  Nutrition is definitely not my strong suit, but it has improved a lot since I’ve started!

What has CrossFit taught you about yourself?
I think it’s taught me a lot about resiliency.  At the start, I always thought whoever keeps coming back for these type of workouts have to be crazy! I’m not a sucker for pain, and those first several months were painful! Getting into the mindset of just ‘dealing with the suckiness and soon it will be over’ has ran into other aspects of my life. It helped me get through days of 8+ hours of daily studying on the weekends for a test on Monday. It got me through the disappointment of my application being rejected from the Army’s Veterinary Corps after three years of trying. It gets me through middle of the night emergency calls, going back to bed for a few hours and then waking up to do it all over again, on a daily basis!

You have been very successful with the daily WODs. What would you attribute that success to?
Consistency! I was absolutely awful when I started, but I just kept coming and over time started to see huge improvements.

What is the meaning behind your nickname, “Pistol?”
My mom was ‘Shooter,’ so naturally her little one was ‘Pistol!’

What advice would you give to a CrossFit newbie?
Just show up! Keep challenging yourself and you’ll keep seeing gains in every aspect of your fitness, no matter how long you’ve been doing it.



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