February Member of the Month

Congratulations Jake Hess/ Rattler!  He is our February Member of the Month.

What is your athletic/sports background? My athletic background is pretty minimal. Took weights in high school and just self-developed from there. A basic gym bro mostly with an occasional obstacle course race or other activity.
When did u begin CrossFit and what made you take the plunge?  I think I started CrossFit in mid-2018. I had wanted to try to for a long time and finally moved somewhere that had a CrossFit gym. My original interest came from seeing the games on TV.
What do you find the most challenging about CrossFit and why? Working through my mobility and balance issues. Getting used to some of the more technical compound movements. Also: thrusters
What do you love about CrossFit? I love the community, help and coaching. While I struggle with many movements coaches and even other members help me out a lot and get me straightened out. Also the challenge and variety is great. Keeps me engaged and motivated and points out areas that need improvement.

What do you hate about CrossFit? Thrusters.
What are your strengths and weaknesses in the box? Strengths are slower, low rep, weightlifting workouts and maybe rowing? Weakness: too many to list them all but my endurance and speed are probably my biggest weaknesses; I get gassed quickly during high intensity workouts.
What keeps you coming back? Coaching, variety in workouts, good people, special events and challenges.


What is your most important goal in CrossFit? Tough choice. Broad goal is just to be able to more consistently RX workouts and correctly do most of the movements.  Specific measurable goal deadlift 500.
What advice would you give someone thinking about trying it or just starting out? I would advise new people to stay consistent and push themselves a little bit. It took me time but it was a great feeling when I hit a new PR or significantly improved on something.


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