April Member of the Month


Congrats! Austin Drake Avelar is our April Member of the Month

Tell us about yourself.
I’m 25, I hail from Goodland Kansas, I’ve been working at S&T Communications for almost 4 years, OSP/Technician.

What don’t we know about you?
I love Rock/Metal Music, Tequila, Birthday Cake Oreos, and I’m terrified of snakes and spiders.

When did you start CrossFit & What did you think after your first workout?
I started CrossFit while I was playing college baseball here at CCC in April of 2015. First workout was 500 Double Unders for time; every broken set do 10 Air Squats. My arms were raw from all the whiplash and my legs were shaking from the hundreds of squats I did. I couldn’t walk for a week.

What is your fitness background?
I’ve been working out since I was bout 12 or 13 years old. Mostly strength for Football, Wrestling and Baseball. It has always been a huge part of my life beings I was always the smallest guy on the field or team.

What’s your favorite CrossFit workout and/or movement?
Favorite CrossFit workouts would be Nasty Girls, Holleyman, and Murph.
My favorite movements are Full Snatch and all bodyweight/gymnastic movements.

What would you tell someone thinking about trying CrossFit?
For someone thinking about trying CrossFit, I say HELL YEAH. No matter the gender, age, or size. You will be sore in places you never knew you could be sore and it will have you second guessing your life for the first week or so! But I would definitely tell them if they are willing to put forth HONEST EFFORT and HARD WORK every workout they will see results a lot quicker than other alternatives without a base of knowledge on fitness. You can learn from other members about dieting, weightlifting movements, skill work, and help push each other every single day. I have met some of the raddest people here and have made lifelong friends. It’s a strong community and fun place to get your ass kicked. You get out what you put in. Being healthy and fit can’t be bought in a day, nor can it be owned. But it can be rented. And rent is due every single day. Crank up the music, set a goal, and pay the man! The success is endless and worth it! 


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