September Member of the Month

Congratulations to our September Member of the Month, Lisa McCarty!

Tell us about yourself.
I am from Syracuse, Kansas, and still consider it “home” as that is where most of my immediate family resides! Colby is my adopted home and I have grown to love all of the events and activities this community has to offer! I have two undergraduate degrees from Emporia State University. They include a B.S. in Finance, and a B.S. in Business Education. Apparently I am a good BSer. Ha!  
Tell us about your family.
I am married to Dave, a dairy farmer. We have two daughters, Maddie and Ellie, whom are the light of my life! Maddie is in fifth grade and Ellie is in third grade. We enjoy going to the lake, snow-skiing, and supporting the girls in their academic and athletic activities!
What is your occupation?
I am a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and enjoy coaching classes and working with personal training clients at CrossFit Colby! Aside from this part-time job, I am a full-time mom and have been fortunate to stay at home with our girls! I am a volunteer board member for two local community organizations, Northwest Kansas Foundation for HOPE and Colby Girls FastPitch Association, aka Sweet Thunder Softball!
What don’t we know about you?
Many people do not know I have a twin brother!
When did you start CrossFit?
My adventure with CrossFit began in November 2013, three and a half months after moving from my hometown, to Colby. I stayed at home, caring for two little girls and had little reason to get out. While I was very active in high school sports and exercised throughout college and beyond, I didn’t make fitness a priority after having children. Upon moving, I felt lonely, a bit depressed, and was unhappy with my lack of physical activity! Meanwhile, I was encouraged by my neighbor friend to give CrossFit a try. As they say, “The rest is history!” Nearly six years later I still have the same love for CrossFit that I did when I first joined. Getting to the box at least four times per week is now a priority and I am forever grateful for the friendships I have developed within the CrossFit community!

What did you think after your first workout?

I don’t recall my exact thoughts after my very first CrossFit workout. I must have decided it was okay because I paid for an annualmembership! It was the THIRD workout that I vividly remember… a partner workout (I still remember who my partner was)! Thirty-seven minutes and fifty seconds after the clock started, we yelled, “Time!” I thought we might never finish! As I was leaving the box I called my husband, nearly in tears, and described the workout. He told me I didn’t HAVE to go back but I told him that I DID have to go back because I had paid for a YEAR! I laugh about it now but I am thankful for the other members and coaches who were so kind and encouraging!
What is your fitness background?
I love sports and have a competitive spirit! (Some say that might be putting it mildly)! I did gymnastics at a young age but we didn’t have all the fancy equipment; we worked strictly on floor movements. In middle school and throughout high school I played volleyball, basketball, softball, and ran track. I was also on the powerlifting team. I played intramural sports in college and have always tried to stay active in one way or another! I love hiking, water and snow-skiing, bike-riding and CrossFit!! 

If there was a WOD named after you, what would it consist of?

I think we would all load up, go to the mountains, and do some killer hike! We’d kill two birds with one stone: fitness and scenic mountain views! Power cleans and rope climbs would be in the WOD if we have to be realistic!!
What would you tell somebody thinking about trying CrossFit?
Anyone can do CrossFit! The hardest part is walking through the door for the first time! I can attest there is no way I would work out as hard on my own as I do at CrossFit! I am motivated by the people I work out with – their presence inspires me to put forth my best effort every day! The workouts are constantly varied and you’ll never have to suffer through another boring workout on your own!
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