October Member of the Month

Congratulations Mandy!!!
Mandy aka McLovin’ is our October Member of the Month!


Hi! My Name is Mandy Lanning (aka McLovin).  I’m 43 years old.  I would like to think that I’m known for being prompt and reserved but have been told otherwise.  Bit of an extrovert and absolutely love being social.  I tend to over estimate my abilities and will jump in feet first and think about the consequences later (that hasn’t always worked out in my favor).  I’m big on family and think of several of my friends as my family.  I love big and I love a lot!!  I believe that I am easy going and approachable.

I have the awesome experience of being married to Chad (aka Chopper). He’s employed by Midwest Energy as a gas maintenance technician.   We have three amazing boys: Cade (17) Conner (15) and Cai (13).  Our boys attend Colby High/Middle School.  The boys are active in football, wrestling, baseball, and golf.  I love having the opportunity to watch them play the sports they love.  Chad and I both grew up in Colby and still have several family members in the area.  I am the oldest of three brothers and have accepted the fact that I was meant to live in a home full of boys.

I’m a LSCSW (Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker) and have worked as a clinician for Heartland Rural Counseling for about 8 years now.  Prior to that I worked in the child welfare realm and have always loved working with children and their families.  I graduated from Fort Hays State University with a Bachelors in Social Work and later went on to get my Masters from Newman University.  I lived in Glenwood Springs CO for about 10 years working for the Department of Human Services with at risk teens and their families prior to moving back to my hometown.


Its difficult to come up with something that no one else knows about me.  I’m an open book and a huge believer in being open and honest.

I started CrossFit in 2012 after Heather and Monty first opened.  After my first workout I called Heather and told her I couldn’t sit on the toilet and that I would be back “later”.  She told me I needed to move those sore muscles and to get my butt back in the gym.  After that I was hooked. Prior to CrossFit I did a lot of “Boot Camp” types of workouts, some yoga, step classes (I’m totally dating myself here) and hadn’t lifted weights since I was in high school. My perfect WOD or one that I would want named after me would consist of double unders, rowing, and clean and jerks.  Annie, and Grace are a few of the one’s I like.  I really like the Fight Gone Bad style workouts. Believe it or not I love to run and have always ran in some shape or form.


I am a huge supporter of CrossFit and the values/morals that they encourage.  I have recommended CrossFit to many a person.  I love the encouragement, support, and team camaraderie that is found there.

Above all else if your in a class with your husband by all means you must beat him.  Especially if weights are involved. 



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