December Member of the Month

Check out this months Member of the Month – Toni aka Graphics

I am happily married to Aaron and we have 4 kids. Dorian (13), Drew (7), Kaine (3) and John (1 3/4). We live in Atwood and farm/ranch in Cheyenne and Rawlins County.

Toni photo 1

I currently work from home and own two businesses. I have a graphic design business and specialize in print and layout design and I also partner with Beautycounter, a company that combines health/wellness and the beauty industry. I hope to be able to coach basketball again someday when our kids are a little older.

I enjoy golfing, deep conversations, date nights and going to metal concerts. I also follow the Rockies and Broncos and get far too worked up about both.

Toni photo 2

A lot of people don’t know that I sold rodent bait as my first job out of college. I loved it and still recommend the product constantly because it’s a safer more effective alternative. I also know a lot of weird stuff about rodents thanks to that experience.

I started CrossFit in May of 2018, 9 weeks after John was born. It was terrifying and the most exciting thing I had done in as long as I could remember. I had dreamed of being a cross fitter for years and sort of ‘stalked’ CFC on Facebook but kept telling myself I needed to wait until my children were all in school. However, we kept having children so I finally said I was starting as soon as I could after our fourth was born. Best decision ever.

After my first workout, I was humbled but excited. We ended the workout with 50 burpees and I had never struggled like that before. It confirmed I was in the right place. Then the next day I could barely turn my blinker on or change the radio while driving because my arms were so sore! I basically told no one how sore I was because I knew they would think I was crazy for going back.

I’ve always played sports and been in good shape but before CF I hadn’t lifted weights in 10 years. I consistently ran and did HIIT style workouts and have never had trouble prioritizing my health. CF has turned it up several notches and I love feeling strong and capable. Plus the community is awesome.

Toni photo 3

If a WOD was named after me it would be an AMRAP with burpees, pull-ups or HSPUs and cleans. I love the workouts with a lot of different movements and that combine strength, cardio and gymnastics.

I think CrossFit is for EVERYONE and nothing should keep you from trying it. The coaches help you to compete with yourself at your level and to stay safe no matter what fitness level you’re at. If I could do it 9 weeks post partum, who can’t?

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