Congratulations to our 2019 MEMBER OF THE YEAR!  

Jacquie’s lifestyle is one that we commend.  She has been knocking out life goals to include health, fitness, family, community and pursing her dreams with NO EXCUSES!  

Jacquie started CrossFit because she was tired of her fitness routine. She did cardio three days a week to include running on the treadmill for 20 minutes or doing the elliptical. On other days she would do strength training.  She wasn’t pushing herself and had no one to push her to get better. 

Her husband Mark started CrossFit first. Jacquie became jealous of all his gains and decided she would try to do some of the CrossFit workouts at home. But, there was still something missing. Jacquie started coming to classes in 2013.  She quickly began to understand the foundations of CrossFit and fell in LOVE with the community and everything that goes along with it.  Three months later, Jacquie decided to get her Level 1 CrossFit training certification. 

Jacquie began training a variety of classes.  Soon, she decided to continue her CrossFit education and background to include the youth with the former Brand X Method.  She has been the backbone of working with kids in our summer youth program.

In August of 2017, Jacquie began her pursuit to earn an RN degree.  In the spring of 2019 Jacquie did it!  She spent hours studying and time in school.  All the while, Jacquie never stepped away from her role as a mother, wife, friend and CrossFit community member. 

What do you think defines member of the year or how do you lead by example?

I think the Member of the Year should be all things CrossFit. I don’t mean perfection. I mean that they never let excuses to stand in their way. They try all new things and see fitness as play/sport. They know that CrossFit is meant to be a lifestyle.  They should be encouraging and accepting to everyone.  They are one that loves CrossFit and wants to share it with everyone.  

What is your favorite part about CrossFit?

The community I love is my 5:00 AMclass! I also love coming to different classes and seeing new and old friends. It is like a big family of like-minded people.

Why do you think CrossFit is important to overall health?

The variety that CrossFit provides, intensity of the programming, nutrition and learning complete lifestyle changes that are individualized and lifelong- those are the reasons! The thing that people don’t realize is that CrossFit is for everyone and can be scaled to anyone’s needs: young or old.

What changes have you and your husband made in your life including family since CrossFit?

My husband and I have made several changes. Our diet is probably the biggest and most important change we’ve made. Our health comes from what we put inside our bodies. We are literally made of what we consume! Our 5 AM workout sessions are competitive and it’s our time to be together! We push each other, we encourage one another and we never let each other slack!

Why did you decide to become a coach?

I decided to become a coach because I love to see other people succeed. I love to teach people. I also had hoped it would make me a better athlete and a stronger individual. Which it did!

What has been your favorite part being a coach?

I love to see the expression on a person’s face when a movement or a skill finally clicks for someone! I also enjoy the challenge of trying to understand how others learn things! The kids’ classes have been my favorite. It is amazing to see athletes grow and change and know that I had some small part in building that foundation. I hope that I have helped them to see that fitness is fun! It should always be fun for the rest of our lives. Moving, learning, changing and finding balance is all part of the journey I hope to instill in them.




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