Who We Are

200 N. Franklin
Colby, Kansas 67701
(785) 460-0361

Who We Are

January 15, 2010, Monty & Heather became CrossFit members in Garden City, Kansas. They had no idea the impact this nutrition and fitness lifestyle would have on their lives. After the first “trial” WOD they knew there was no turning back. Years on the treadmill, elliptical, and free weights couldn’t hold a candle to the intensity of one workout. They thought they were in shape. They thought we understood fitness. They thought we were at the height of their abilities. They were wrong. They have never looked back.

After moving to  Colby in December, 2011, a small group developed.  This group slowly grew and became CrossFit Colby!

CrossFit Colby

We are not a typical gym. We run outside. There are no mirrors and we don’t watch TV while we workout. Clothing is worn for function and comfort, nobody cares what you’re wearing or how cute you look. What we do care about is making you as fit as possible.

Do not be intimidated; we train everyone and anyone willing to work hard — any fitness level, from any background. Our members are our friends and neighbors. You join a family here because you can only suffer alongside someone for so long without learning who they really are. Our members are our family and community.

We push, pull, squat, lift, run, and perform other functional movements at a high intensity. Being physically fit is inspiring, feels good, enriches your life, and adds both years to your life, and life to your years. We want you to join us in our quest for fitness. You wont be just another member at our gym, you will be part of the CrossFit Colby family.

CrossFit is an incredibly effective core strength and conditioning program. We perform functional movements at high intensity, giving you a comprehensive full-body workout in under an hour. Classes are run by certified CrossFit coaches, and peer-driven, providing an excellent mixture of individual coaching and group motivation.

Heather Stapp
Owner/Personal Trainer

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Mobility

Why I CrossFit? Before trying CrossFit in 2010 at 35 years old!!!, I had goals of running further and faster and being skinny. Since CrossFit, my goals have evolved. I’m doing things that I never before cared to imagine. I’ll never be the fastest or strongest, but I will be the best I can be physically, mentally, and in life.

I’m nicknamed…Starla, Lefty and a few others because I think other trainers want to mess with my mind!
My favorite benchmark WOD is probably ‘Annie’ because it’s not too bad and Annie is a pretty seemingly AWESOME chick.
I suck at several things. Although I can do a few here and there, I can’t stand muscle ups. And, I very much dislike rowing!!!
I cheat with cheesy Doritos!
My hero is any Avatar from the planet Pandora. Not really. But if I could be anything, it would be one of those holistic blue creatures!

Monty Stapp

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Mobility
When I was introduced to CrossFit I was almost 36 years old and thought that I was in pretty good shape. I had just completed a half marathon. CrossFit kicked my ass and humbled me all at the same time. I realized that just because I could run around town all day that I wasn’t really in any type of shape. What has drawn me into CrossFit is the fact that there is always something to get better at everyday and it never gets old. I enjoy the community aspect of the gym as well. I have met so many people and made lots of friends through the gym.

Nicknames are….. Money Maker, Python and Becky. I actually gave Garrett the name Becky but somehow that one came back around to me.
My Favorite WOD is Nancy just because I love Overhead Squats.
I suck most at Front Squats and Back Squats.
My favorite cheat meal is Mexican Food
I don’t really have a hero but I have a ton of respect for our service men and women and really enjoy doing Hero WODs in their honor.

Janelle Barrett
Head Coach

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, Yoga
My journey with Crossfit began in June, 2012. I was overweight and wanted to get “back in shape”. Little did I know that not only would I get back in shape, but that I would soon be in the best shape of my life. I did not have any expectations when I started Crossfit, but was hopeful that I would see changes, and I have definitely seen many changes, not only physically, but mentally as well. There is nothing like a good WOD to make a bad day better!!! Some may say I have a bit of an obsession, but I like to think of it more as dedication, and with dedication comes results. Some days are good, some days are bad, but EVERYDAY I walk into “the Box”, I feel like I have accomplished something, The best days are those ones when I get a fast time (which is not very often), or I hit a new PR on a lift, because it feels like I have accomplished something and that all my hard work is paying off!

My gym nickname is MC, short for Miss Crossfit, given to me by my good friend Sherri. I live and breathe Crossfit and without it, I would be lost. Like I said, some think I have a bit of an obsession, but I think they exaggerate just a little.

One of my favorite benchmark WODS is Fight Gone Bad, I don’t even know why I like it, I just do. I also have a fondness for Annie mostly because I love double-unders and sit ups!

I suck at all gymnastics/body weight movements, especially push-ups, you can ask Monty how much I whine the WHOLE time I am doing push-ups in a WOD, it is not pretty. I have some goals though, and one day I WILL be able to do push-ups and other body weight exercises with a little less effort!

My biggest cheat is my Starbucks coffee (not black), I have it at least one day a week.

I wouldn’t say that I have any particular life hero, but if I were picking a “Crossfit hero”, I would have to say Annie Thorisdottir, mostly because she is a bad ass!!!

Justin Barrett

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Endurance
I began crossfit initially because I was trying to keep in shape somewhat. Throughout high school and even for awhile in college, I had been overweight. When I began law school, I had ballooned to over 275 lbs. At 6’0”, this was unacceptable. I began working out, almost obsessively at a globo-gym and found a love for it and gradually got my weight under control. Since that point, I have struggled to keep the weight off. Before crossfit, I would trudge into the gym 3-5 times a week and wander from one machine to another, only dabbling with the free weights occasionally. The reason I keep going to crossfit is because I find myself continuing to improve in what I can do and without it I feel like a slug. The best thing about it is that the workouts are continually changing every day. It gets me doing lifts and activities that I would not do on my own and pushes me not to avoid certain lifts (i.e. skipping leg day). I still struggle with eating right, and the only weight I really focus on is how much my maxes are on each lift and continually improving my form on each lift (they go hand in hand).

Gym nicknames:
a. “PJ” –stands for pineapple juice— I’ve been known to drink this with a mixed drink here and there. Any further explanation…ask Monty what its known health benefits are.
b. “Dragon”-proclaimed by Sherri— not sure why
c. “soul glow” (more recently) –apparently a spy infiltrated the home of my parents and wiki-leaked a high school photo of my NATURALLY curly hair at the time
Favorite Workout:
Annie-Because I love double-unders and I don’t mind the sit-ups.
“Michael”-light weight and running
I suck at body weight movements- Still can’t do pistols or muscle ups, but they are on my agenda this year.
My favorite cheat used to be candy….more specifically sour candy. But I haven’t really had any candy since July of 2012, which happens to coincide with the date I started Crossfit. Now my favorite cheat is chips and a margarita at EL DOS.
My hero in general is my father, for the way he raised me and for the way he shows respect for every person he comes across and for his sense of humor, which I believe must be an inheritable trait.

Jacquie Bartlett
Kids Coach

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit is my addiction. Each day is different than the day before. Some days, I come in and do great, meeting new PR’s and crushing goals. Other days I disappoint myself. But, either way I never quit. I go in, I work hard, and I get a little stronger, faster, and smarter. I CrossFit because, it’s the one thing I do for me. As a mother, wife, and employee; I give my time to, and work hard for everyone around me in my life. But, when I workout I give my all for me. I meet new goals to be a stronger more confident woman. CrossFit is not something I thought I would love this much when I started. However, now I can not imagine my life without it. I want to share it with everyone, and inspire other people to push themselves to meet their personal goals. This is fitness for life, and everyone can do it.

My nickname- Spitfire
Sherri gave me my nickname. She could see my anger from day one. I’m a quiet, non-confrontational person outside the gym. I don’t get mad easily. However, when I workout, I don’t get tired, I get mad. I have never been able to hide my emotions, and when my body is giving up, I fight hard mentally to keep going. It’s always an angry internal battle. I know sometimes it seems like I have an attitude while I’m working on things, that is all directed toward myself. My nickname sites me, I own it daily.

My 3 favorite benchmark WODs are:
Omar- Because it was one of my first RX-ed WODs.
McGee-Because it has deadlifts and box jumps- My favorites!
Annie-Because it is all about being fast, and I am kinda fast.

What I suck at-
Lifting. I’m not mentally strong enough to lift heavy weight quickly. It is my biggest struggle in CrossFit. So, when I see a WOD written on the board with weight and moving as fast as possible (like Fran), I’m glad I came in, because it’s a good opportunity to get stronger.

My Cheats- Dark Chocolate! And, creamer in my coffee.

My hero is my best friend and husband Mark. (I know that’s cheesy, and I don’t care!) He works hard at absolutely everything he does and never gives up. He pushes himself harder when the weight gets heavy. He is fast, strong, and motivated. When we work out together we push each other to the limit, he doesn’t let me give up. Mark surprises me in everything he does. Once he sets a goal, he does whatever it takes to make it. When people tell him he can’t do something he almost always proves them wrong. I want to be more like him in CrossFit and in life.

Shawna Kersenbrock

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

Shawna K

I started CrossFit after I had noticed several of my friends’ bodies starting to change.  I wanted to have that look. I had never lifted a bar before or a dumbbell for that matter.  I walked in, did the 1st workout, and signed up for unlimited before leaving.  I remember I totally sucked at it, but had the desire to want to do better.  When I started, I could hardly squat correctly and still struggle with it.  Sometimes that really gets me down.  Other times I nail it, and I feel stronger and more confident than I ever thought possible.  I still floor my family.  None of them ever dreamed I would do CrossFit or run a ½ marathon.  CrossFit has given me the confidence to try and want new things.  At first, I wanted my body to have a certain look.  Now, I want to accomplish certain movements and certain weights and I totally love how it’s transformed my mind and energy (and even my body).  I love the close-knit atmosphere with CrossFit.  Nothing compares to how everyone pushes each other through and genuinely cares how they do.  I am hooked on the Kool-Aid for sure.

I have several gym nicknames…one is Special K, given to me by Garrett Whorton.  Sheri calls me Hip Shaker because I am known to bust out a dance move during any given WOD if the music hits me.  And Heather calls me Fabuloso because I am often found going around after people and cleaning up.

One of my favorite benchmark WODS is Annie. It’s the first benchmark WOD that I could RX.  I don’t mind double-unders or sit-ups.

I struggle with a lot of things, but mainly body weight things like push-ups, pull-ups, and squats.  But every year I get stronger and have gains and am proud of what I have accomplished.

My biggest cheat is paleo treats….oh how I lOVE my treats!

Doug Hurtt
Strength Coach


When Crossfit came to town I showed no interest in this new “fad.” I had a couple of friends Justin (PJ) and Janelle (MC), always trying to convince me that my training needed to move away from that of a normal gym rat and on to something quite possibly more suited to me. I attested, that was nothing for me, I liked being a “meathead” and felt that I was in decent shape. Upon a buddy week, I finally decided to go with Justin to one of the classes, mind you this is now 2 years later, after constant harassment, I wanted them to stop. I thought to myself, ok, go do it, show them that your training just as hard as any of them down there and “crossfit” can be your warm up for the regular gym time. Upon completion of my first workout, I no longer felt as though I was in as good of shape as I’d thought. I was beat by women and small children equally, for me, this opened my eyes as to what I could be getting better at. I still frequent them basic moves of my old gym rat days, but they are no longer what I base my performance on. Nor have I returned to “normal” training.

My nickname started as Magnum, I can only assume this is because I’m a big ole dick! But since the beginning my attitude has changed and along with it I have also received others

-Fresh D -Magic D -Fresh Magic D -D licious

To name a few that is.

My favorite workout would be Cindy, it is all bodyweight movements, and those are what I’m best at!

I mostly suck at Conditioning. And diet, I have been working at this to try and become more competitive.

My biggest cheat is my diet, in general. This is also what I should try and work on the most that would help make me a more rounded athlete.

My biggest hero is anyone who is off their ass, working to become a better person, in whatever capacity that may be. If your trying to become the next big sports player or trying to make it easier to be able to get up and down from your chair, your hard work and dedication is what I admire most!

Lisa McCarty
Personal Trainer 


My adventure with CrossFit began in November 2013, three and a half months after moving from my hometown, to Colby. I stayed at home, caring for two little girls and had little reason to get out. While I was very active in high school sports and exercised throughout college and beyond, I didn’t make fitness a priority after having children. Upon moving, I felt lonely, a bit depressed, and was unhappy with my lack of physical activity! Meanwhile, I was encouraged by my neighbor friend to give CrossFit a try… and as they say, “The rest is history!” Getting to the box at least four times per week is now a priority and I am forever grateful for the friendships that I have developed within the CrossFit community!

I am motivated by the people I work out with. Their presence inspires me to put forth my best effort every day! I can assert there is no way I would work out as hard on my own as I do at CrossFit! The social aspect of CrossFit is what I love most! Members often share words of encouragement and delight in seeing other members obtain a new PR! What draws me back to CrossFit day after day is the continually varied workout routine!

My nicknames are: Smooth Operator and Dairy Queen or Gelato (because my husband is a dairyman – The Milkman)!

My favorite benchmark WOD is Grace because I love power cleans! The jerk is an added bonus!

I find running to be dreadful; anything further than 200 meters is too far! Most gymnastics movements are still a work in progress!

I still struggle to be consistent with Paleo. That aside, my biggest cheat is Pepsi. Before joining CrossFit, I drank one can of soda almost daily. Now, I only drink them on occasion!

My heroes are those men and women battling illness and disease. I admire their strength and fortitude. Thinking of them makes me realize how fortunate I am to be healthy and ABLE!!









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